A Few Slight Delays

A Rude Awakening

GM's Notes - Or, weasel-fried snake: It's what's not for dinner

The Story So Far:

  • PC awakens to the sounds of two wereweasels arguing over the best way to cook him.
  • PC engages wereweasels in frank and open discussion over the suitability of Snake-person Paladin as a meal.
  • PC makes their point in a deft manner, with a strong opening and closing statement.
  • Two wereweasel cooks now good enemies, PC exits kitchen to find dining room with wereweasels expectantly waiting for his presence for dinner.
  • PC objects to his seating arrangements on the dinner table; another frank and open discussion ensues.
  • Despite some skilled points made by wereweasels, PC wins the argument; unfortunately, wereweasels unable to fully appreciate point; one of them seems to have needed to be elsewhere suddenly.
  • PC explores; finds bard. Seems, rather than being a captive audience, wereweasels decided to have a captive performer.
  • PC frees bard; bard exceedingly happy; promises to sing praises; vacates premises.
  • PC explores next door; finds cloak-room.
  • Last door reveals wereweasels’ leader, who argues his point quite strongly. His two followers are not so skilled in debate, but press forward.
  • PC, however, still manages to win the point.
  • PC finds some small items of monetary value; takes them as prize of debate contest.
  • PC exits caves; observes self in valley with town and forest.



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