Guard Captain Cavin Of Nethersalt

A bold, fair-minded guard captain


Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, solid, somewhat lean build.
Love interest: “Secret” crush on Alderwoman Jennings.
Friends: Mayor Banon
Likes: Guard Captaining, Discipline, Battle, Alderwoman Jennings.
Dislikes: Rowdyness, Slackness
Hates: Cowards

In his youth, Cavin earned coins by doing errands and choirs around the guard barracks. This formative period solidified his likes and dislikes, as few things show the character of a man so quickly as how he treats those he’s in charge of.
Apprenticing in the guard at 14, Cavin worked his way up over two decades of hard, dedicated work, making it not on connections or friends but simply being too good to ignore.
To his surprise, the then newly-elected Mayor Banon was one of the few politicians he could respect.

His inability to rid the Nethersalt Caves of the wereweasels has blackened his mood and it is only due to his friend’s urging that he has not yet accompanied any of the raiding parties sent. He is determined to be part of the next one, however, be his death or not.

Guard Captain Cavin Of Nethersalt

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