A Few Slight Delays

Diverse Diversions
A feast of errors
  • PC heads towards town.
  • PC spots messenger headed towards town on horse (the messenger’s on the horse, not the town).
  • PC arrives at gates at same time as messenger.
  • Messenger reports to guard captain that zombies are headed towards town, on the other side of the forest.
  • PC volunteers aid; PC, guard captain and armed guards head out to discuss living accommodations with zombies.
  • PC and conversation partners reach other side of forest; find zombie tracks that just end without seeming to have left.
  • Guard captain gets a thought, then a few more. After messily devouring his prey, he, in furious alarm, calls for everyone to head back to town.
  • Back at town, they find the zombies have entered into a discourse with the residents about suitable dining arrangements. Sadly, the zombies are already in town.
  • Returning armed guards and PC hurriedly join debate; slowly gain the point.
  • As they approach the town square, wereweasels join in, siding with the zombies and sharing dinner plans. Nevertheless, they do not make headway.
  • Reaching the town square, PC heads towards cackling wereweasel necromancer near the center, while rest of guards make point and counterpoint with zombies and wereweasels.
  • In a furious battle, the PC sadly becomes part of the wereweasel necromancers’ dinner plans. However, the town guards ensure she pays for her supper.

All things come to an end. But for one town, thanks to a heroic sacrifice, it may be a new beginning.

A Rude Awakening
GM's Notes - Or, weasel-fried snake: It's what's not for dinner

The Story So Far:

  • PC awakens to the sounds of two wereweasels arguing over the best way to cook him.
  • PC engages wereweasels in frank and open discussion over the suitability of Snake-person Paladin as a meal.
  • PC makes their point in a deft manner, with a strong opening and closing statement.
  • Two wereweasel cooks now good enemies, PC exits kitchen to find dining room with wereweasels expectantly waiting for his presence for dinner.
  • PC objects to his seating arrangements on the dinner table; another frank and open discussion ensues.
  • Despite some skilled points made by wereweasels, PC wins the argument; unfortunately, wereweasels unable to fully appreciate point; one of them seems to have needed to be elsewhere suddenly.
  • PC explores; finds bard. Seems, rather than being a captive audience, wereweasels decided to have a captive performer.
  • PC frees bard; bard exceedingly happy; promises to sing praises; vacates premises.
  • PC explores next door; finds cloak-room.
  • Last door reveals wereweasels’ leader, who argues his point quite strongly. His two followers are not so skilled in debate, but press forward.
  • PC, however, still manages to win the point.
  • PC finds some small items of monetary value; takes them as prize of debate contest.
  • PC exits caves; observes self in valley with town and forest.

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