Nestled in the Nether Vale and surrounded by forest on its west side, Nethersalt has long been a bustling, yet quiet mining and farming town. With only footpaths leading east across the Farsalt Mountains, the caravans are consistent, but not great, equaled by the westward trade of iron and wool.

At least, until recently. Although historically a source of iron and wool, the iron seems to have largely played out, while the sheep have been depleted by Wereweasel raids from the nearby Nethersalt Caves

Notable figures include Mayor Banon, Guard Captain Cavin and Alderwoman Jennings. Alderman Tav, the most notable religious figure in town, was found dead in the fields of a seeming heart attack a month past.

The town is divided into four quarters; the Nethersalt Farmers’ Quarter in the north-west, the Nethersalt Merchants’ Quarter in the south-east, the Nethersalt Commons’ Quarter in the south-west, home of most of the population and the Nethersalt Smelting Quarter in the north-east, although large swaths have been abandoned with the iron mining drying up. The Town Square lies in the middle of the quarters.

Two streets with eight-foot, semi-ornamental walls on either side lead from the town gates to the town square. In times of war, iron grates can be lowered down into the four open arches in either wall. This defense has repelled numerous intruders; invaders are met with a rain of arrows from retreating archers on top of the walls, combined with a solid defense that only needs to block a narrow causeway.


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