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Species and Races

Species Singular Plural Description
Dwarven Dwarf Dwarves Dwarves were created from Man by the mythological Dragon Empire to mine precious metals and gemstones, create weapons and armor and fight in their armies.
Elves Elf Elves Elves are beings of Faerie who spent long enough in the “mortal world” to become mortal.
Gargoyles Gargoyle Gargoyles Gargoyles emerged after the destruction of the Dragon Empire released bursts of immense magical energy. It is theorized that one of the side-effects of the bursts was to animate stone and make it living, but nothing certain is known.
Gnomes Gnome Gnomes Gnomes were created from Man by the mythological Dragon Empire to create works of art and magic for the empire and the Dragons themselves.
Hoblyta Hoblyt Hoblytes Hoblyta, or Halflings, were created from Man by the mythological Dragon Empire to grow and raise food for the empire and the Dragons themselves, as well as serve as their spies and assassins.
Man Man Men Theorized by many to be the original inhabitants of the world (though some think it was the Dragons), Men come in various shades of pink and brown and a diverse range of sizes, from three feet to eight feet tall, although five to six and a half feet is most common.
Orcs Orc Orcs Orcs were originally wild boars, first twisted by demonic powers, then freed by light. They’ve tempers and tend to not be well-thought of, but they are people and morally capable.
Ogren/Ogres Ogre Ogres Ogren, or Ogres, were created from Man by a legendary kingdom of wizards to serve as general muscle in their armies. They retain a large stature, slow wit, and straightforward approach to problems.

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