Spell Research, Generic

The cost to research a spell is equal to the total load of all effects. If you can base the spell off of an existing spell, you subtract the cost of the load of all effects in common. For example, if a weapon is Ghost Touch +3 and the enchantment Attuning +2 is added, the cost of adding Attuning is the cost of its new load, minus its old load, or (5 – 3) = (1,450 SP – 760 SP) = 690 SP.

Effect Load Cost Effect Load Cost
1 50 SP 11 1,250
2 69 SP 12 1,725
3 95 SP 13 2,375
4 131 SP 14 3,250
5 181 SP 15 4,550
6 250 SP 16 6,250
7 345 SP 17 8,625
8 475 SP 18 11,875
9 656 SP 19 16,375
10 906 SP 20 22,625

A “flat Load” is a Load which does not add to the spells’ total effect Load; the cost of such an effect is always exactly equal to the cost of its load alone. A flat load is indicated by a lack of a plus or minus sign.

Activation Effects shape and activate the spell with a particular special effect. Augmentation Effects improve the spell in various ways. Constraint Effects limit the spell with certain limitations. Finally, Modification Effects both augment and constrain the spell.
You can only add effects that do not contradict each other.

Spells can be made of Spell Segments, each of which has its own Activation Effect, and can have its own Augmentations, Constraints and Modifications.

Effect Description/Mechanics Load
Chill Adds an entropic cold effect to the spell. Affects nearly everything.

HKA +1 (Chill) OR RKA +1 (Chill)
Crevice The target is grasped by the earth.

Entangle 1d6 BODY, +1 rPD, +1 rED
Fire Adds a fiery effect to the spell. Can start secondary fires, has half effect and SFX (Heat) under water, has half effect and SFX (Infrared) in vacuum.

HKA +1 (Fire) OR RKA +1 (Fire)
Life Adds life energies to the spell.

Healing +1
Lightning Adds the effect of lightning to the spell. Has no effect on targets which are not grounded. Has half effect on targets which are only close enough to ground. Has half or no effect on targets which are protected by a ground. Has double effect on targets which are much more conductive than usual.

HKA +1 (Lightning) OR RKA +1 (Lightning)
Incant Spell Part of the spell is formed through arcane words.

Ritual You enact the spell through a long and complex ritual.

Extra Time (Minimum 5 Minutes), OAF Arrangment
Shape Spell Part of the spell is formed through arcane gestures.

Gestures (One Hand) OR Gestures (Both Hands)
-1 OR -2
Touch The caster needs to touch the target.

No Range OR Spell must have a range No Range AND must be usable on others

If the spell affects multiple targets, the caster must touch each target. The effect provides no provision for touching multiple targets.
Augmentation Effect
Aura The spell spreads out in an aura around its target point.

Area of Effect (1m Radius), Constant, Reduced Endurance (0 END), Persistent

Increasing the load by +1 doubles the radius.
Emit The spell emits an effect which lasts as long as the spells’ energy does. Allows the spell to be charged with energy.

Area of Effect Explosion (-5 AP per 2m Radius), Constant, Uncontrolled
Explode The spell explodes outward from a central point.

Area of Effect Explosion (-5 AP per 2m Radius)
Shoot The spell is fired from the source point, allowing it to strike targets at range.

Ranged (+1/2)
Throw The caster throws the spell like a stone, allowing it to strike targets at range.

Range Based On Strength (+1/4)
Modification Effect
Consume The spell consumes the casters’ energy to enact its effect. .

Constant; Spell must cost endurance AND Requires A Roll (EGO Roll to stop spell; -1/2)
Sharp The spell takes the form of a narrow, piercing beam.

Armor Piercing (x1); Beam
Tether You can direct the spell around obstacles. However, it has a short range and loses power over distance.

Indirect (Path can vary from use to use); Limited Range (1/4 Range), Reduced By Range
Wall The spell takes the form of one or more conjoined walls.

Area of Effect (1x 2m Any Area, Fixed Shape (Wall)), Constant, Reduced Endurance (0 END), Persistent; Time Limit (1 Hour)

Increasing the load by +1 doubles the number of 2m areas.

Spell Research, Generic

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