Continuous Action, Generic


At the start of combat, all characters have an Initiate score equal to negative half their Initiative.

Order of Action

Each character declares their action in order of Initiate scores, from lowest to highest. Their Initiate scores are then increased by the Initiation cost of said action.

Costs of Actions

An action costs Initiation equal to the total Active Points of that action, divided by (the characters’ SPEED times 5), rounded up. For example, a Multiple Power Attack combining a Fast Strike, 15 STR punch to the face (19 AP), a 45-AP Blast and a 40-AP Entangle has 104 Active Points. If the character initiating that action has a Speed of 3, then the Initiation cost is equal to (104 / 15) or 7.
By default, each point of Initiate or Initiation represents 1 second. Some modifiers, such as Extra Time, instead of providing a raw time, move the Initiation cost for that action one or more steps up or down the Time Chart. For example, a power with a “Full-Phase” Extra Time limitation has an Initation cost equal to 4 seconds for every point of Initiation. One with a “1 Turn” Extra Time limitation thus has 12 seconds per 1 Initiation.
Delayed Phase limitations increase the Initation cost of that power by +1/2, rounded normally.

Order of Action Completion

Actions start on the characters’ Initiate score and complete on their Initiate score plus the actions’ Initiation cost, which then becomes their Initiate score. If the character doing the multiple-power attack had a Dexterity of 12, they’d start acting on an Initiate of -6, complete the action on an Initiate + Initiation of (-6) + 7 = 1 and be ready to act again on Initiate 1.

Held Action

To Hold an action, the character simply declares they are holding their action. Thereafter, when they choose to act, that action costs less Initiation equal to the time they held their action, down to one-half the actions’ Initiation cost.

Coordinated Action

To Coordinate actions, all characters arrange for their actions to complete on the same Initiate + Initiation total (they can simply delay on Initiate for this) and make Teamwork rolls. All characters that make their Teamwork rolls have coordinated their actions.

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Continuous Action, Generic

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