Necromancy, a category of Wizardry, deals with spells of life, death and undeath. Although a slang usage, “Necromancer” has come to mean, specifically, a wizard who casts spells of undeath. Properly speaking, anyone who uses Necromancy, from the lightest to the blackest, is a Necromancer.


All Spells Setting Material 1 Charge, Gestures and/or Incantations
Cloak of Death This spell draws in life-force from the surrounding area and uses it to heal the caster. Necromancers using this spell are affected by spells that affect undead, as if undead themselves.
Command Undead A spell of Undeath which subjects the unliving to the will of the caster.
Crawling Discharges Recovered from some underwater ruins, this notably nasty spell allows the caster to draw energy from the target and discharge it at those around the victim.
Death Blade A black, laughing blade that ignores mundane armor. Tales relate that some also provide other benefits, such as healing the wielder with the life-force of the victim.
Feebleness A single casting of this spell can render a strong man too weak to hold a sword. This spell may have had a key roll in the downfall of the Dragon Empire Drain STR
Hidden Heart The Necromancer cuts out their own heart and hides it. Thereafter, so long as their heart is intact, they will heal any wound.
Invigorate Natural Healing This spell allows wounds to be healed naturally over a matter of days.
Leech Created by Flan Talmus before his decent into madness, this spell’s ability to “latch on” to a target has gained it a dire reputation. Blast, Constant (You can expend additional readied instances of this spell to automatically hit); 1 Charge, Gestures, Incantations, No Knockback
Nightfall No matter what the time of day, night falls for kilometers around.
Sever Undeath Attempts to sever the energies holding a summoned undead in this world.
Paralyze The victim is locked in place, unable to move save through an effort of will.
Seed of Death One of the blackest of Necromancies, Seed of Death assails and attempts to slay anyone but the caster who enters the area. Crawling black discharges, smelling of death, continually illuminate the area of the spell with a horrid glow. Even undead are not immune to the siphoning tendrils. Killing Attack – Ranged, Area Of Effect (4m Radius), Persistent, Personal Immunity, Constant, Reduced Endurance (0 END), Attack Versus Alternate Defense (Shield of Life and Death; All Or Nothing), Does BODY; Independent, Extra Time (1 Day, Only to Activate), Gestures, Requires Gestures throughout, Incantations (Requires Incantations throughout), No Range
Shield of Life and Death Provides protection against Necromancy spells; however, this protection affects even positive spells.
Shadow Form Become a disembodied shadow; a mobile piece of darkness given form. Shadow Form: Desolidification (Affected by Life, Holiness), (40 Active Points); IAF (Own body; left where spell is cast; -1/2), Side Effect (Minor; Slow corruptive effect on a failed EGO roll; -1/4), 23 Real Points
Sleep of Death The character falls into a death-like trance, from which only true love can save them.
Staunch Often called “The Soldier’s spell” (but not by soldiers), it is more often used to allow soldiers to survive surgery than to heal wounds. Does Not Bleed, Usable As Attack; 1 Charge, Time Limit (1 Hour), Gestures (Requires both hands)
Word of Power: Kill Rediscovered by Mardaluk the Unwary from what he records as “A catch of scrolls, seemingly beyond the age of myth.” Naturally, the spell was soon stolen and spread far and wide. RKA (All Or Nothing, Beam, Incantations, No Knockback)
Cruel Wounding The victim begins bleeding profusely.



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