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What is A Few Slight Delays?

Hero System 6th Edition is sadly lacking in two things: Fantasy Hero settings and a coherent base for building Fantasy Hero settings. ‘A Few Slight Delays’ is my attempt at providing those two things.

How did it start?

‘A Few Slight Delays’ started as a short campaign I ran for my brother. Over time, I began adding various things that the game needed. At some point, I realized that what I was doing was building a campaign world; the need to build an underlying system followed soon after.

What’s the underlying concept?

I’ll divert here a bit into ’Why’s the underlying concept?‘. The flagship of fantasy gaming, and, indeed, of gaming in general (which will not be named for trademark issues), is a fantasy RPG where characters gain ever more power, magic items, monetary wealth, treasure and sometimes lands and titles. Even more, it has fantastic places, people, options and opportunities. This specific RPG and its deriviatives define fantasy gaming for many; threads dealing with it outweigh those dealing with all other RPGs combined.
This, however, is still not a reason to be deriviative, except – That’s the style of gaming I like and that many others like. However, it’s not the system I like – The system I like best is the Hero System.
The combination of my favorite style of setting with my favorite style of system gets my enthusiastic interest – And that’s what I’m writing. Rest assured, however, that I am putting my own spin on things – As is, most definitely, the Hero System.

Can I have a cookie?

Yes, but why are you asking me? I’ve tried shoving cookies through the internet before; it just doesn’t work.

Questions and Answers

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