Wizard Archetype, Generic

Thalgar Townsend on being a Wizard: “Why did I become a wizard? Mostly for the phenomenal cosmic power. No other profession so richly translates knowledge into power. Well, maybe being a spymaster. But then, I’d never be famous, either.”
Ebark the Quiet on being a Wizard: “To be an artist, I think, you have to love the art. If you don’t love your art for its own sake, it’s as dry as dust and as easy to choke on.”
Wizards and Spells

Wizards memorize and expend spells. Spell memorization takes about five minutes per spell, after which the wizard may cast (expend) the spell. In order to cast a spell more than once, the wizard needs to memorize the spell more than once. Spells are memorized from spellbooks, which hold one or more spells in written form. Regardless, a character must still know how to cast spells (and be able to memorize a spell that powerful) in order to memorize and cast a spell.

Intelligence, knowledge and appropriate skills aid in researching, learning and creating new spells. In order to write a spell in a spellbook, the wizard must have learned the spell and have a copy memorized.

1Per Power Level Purchase
+1 +(0-3) INT, +(0-3) EGO, +(0-1) OCV, +(0-1) DCV, +(0-1) OMCV, +(0-1) DMCV, +(0-1) SPEED, +(0-10) END, +(0-10) in 2Wizardry, +(0-2) Skills, +(0-4) to one or more Skills

1 Suggested points purchases per power level intervals.

2 Wizardry: Variable Power Pool, X base + X control cost, No Skill Roll Required; Extra Time (5 Minutes, Only to Memorize x1/2), IIF (Wizards’ Spellbook); all slots 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4)

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Wizard Archetype, Generic

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